What is Sasquatch Willow?

Sasquatch Willow is a collaborative blog among three friends to share their love of handmade and cute things with the world. You will find tasty recipes, lovely handmade items, and the occasional picture of a kitty here.

Who is behind Sasquatch Willow?

The authors include 20-somethings Katie, Kay, & Nicole (who should probably just change her name to Knicole).

Why the funky name?

That's actually the creation of Kay. She always wanted to own a bakery or other business with the name Sasquatch Willow. "Sasquatch" was her fathers nickname in the military because of how big and tall he was. "Willow" just came in because she loved willow trees. It was such a fun and random name that Katie and Nicole decided to go along with it!

How do I contact you?

You can leave a comment on the blog or send us an e-mail at SasquatchWillow [at] gmail.com.

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