Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy V day!

I slaved away for days and days to make you something. I made some awesome FREE Valentines day cards for you! The first sheet is fairly plain and cute, sheet number two is cheesy but still very cute! 

Just print, cut and fold. I even kept the shape simple for cutting ease. I have trouble cutting in a straight line, circles are a big pain, wobbly lines are surprisingly easy. 

You can even write a cheesy lovely message inside and seal with a pretty sticker. 

See the little grey line about the hearts? 
It was uneven but I fixed that, don't worry about it. 
Why did I even bring it up? I don't know. 
It's cause I am old now. 

V Day cards 1 

V Day cards 2

Like the christmas tags, just click the above links, they will open in Google Docs and you can download the PDF or just print from there. Enjoy! 

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