Saturday, February 5, 2011

Knitted Hearts -FREE Pattern!

A cute little project to make when being crafty, or bored in my case. I knitted this cute little plush heart that is about 3x4 inches.  It took me about a half hour to complete the whole project.

I used novelty fluff yarn from Plymouth yarn, it is called Heaven.  It is super soft!

You can make regular ones or dazzle them up with faces, either way they are super cute!

I set the pdf to smallest file possible to make it easier to download, however it beat the pictures to death.  They are all grainy, though they are probably horrible visual aids anyway.  I'm not a pro photographer, nor do I wish to be, so don't judge please. 

You can download the free pattern HERE.  YEp I said Free! Please make for fun and for yourself, I do not authorize commercial use.  If there are any errors in this pattern, I apologize.  I will fix the post asap if there is a flaw.  This is my first original pattern of the plush heart.  Click here!

Or if you would like this happy heart (featured above) you can check out the Sasquatch Willow ETSY store and buy it!

Have fun and modify it if you wish! Be Creative!  

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