Sunday, February 6, 2011

Easy Decorating Tip 8,367

 So here is yet another easy decorating tip for another Holiday, Valentine's Day!
I whipped up some brownies the other day and decided I wanted to make them festive.

What you may need:
  • Fresh Baked Brownies or Store Bought Brownies
  • Powdered sugar 
  • A fine mesh sieve or any mesh strainer
  • wax paper, parchment paper or any paper you can cut
  • scissors 
  • Valentinesque sprinkles, I just bought this from Wilton.
So bake or unwrap your brownies, take what ever paper you are using and cut out a heart. Lay the heart you just cut out where ever you want on top of the brownies.

Load up your mesh strainer sieve or whatever it is you call it with powdered sugar and gently shake it over your brownies. When it is to your satisfaction remove the paper hearts and Viola! All done. 

You can add some sprinkles so jazz them up little. So simple and now you have fancy brownies. Sort of.  Oh well enjoy! 

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