Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Bill Cosby loves it. Horses hate it. But me? It made me puke.

As a child, the mere sight of Jell-O made me sick. Who wants to look at something so transparent and jiggly? Shouldn't food have enough substance that it doesn't look like your strange uncle who's had one too many beers and is now trying to dance on the kitchen counter at Thanksgiving? Yeah, I thought so too.

My parents forwent the popular treat during the 80s. My grandmother pushed the ever popular Jell-O molds at family dinners to the back of the table where I couldn't see. The adults went to extreme measures to keep jell-o out of my line of sight.

They weren't always so quick on the draw though. As a young child, I spent some time in the hospital. What do they like to serve you while you're in the hospital? Jell-O. My family warned against it to the nurse, but when she brought out that lunch tray, there was a big piece of the wiggly stuff in front of me. As she removed the lid, it jiggled just a bit and I threw up the breakfast that I didn't eat. Well, they tried to tell her.

To the Jell-O representative currently freaking out, my opinion has since changed, so relax. You do remember Jell-O shots, don't you?

Do you have a funny food story? I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

xo Nicole


  1. Ha... i love jello. But I heard they don't even have jello in Denmark. So you could move there to get away from it!

  2. Awesome. Jello has always been one of my favorite, um, foods? Is it a food? Anyway, we both know that Jello Shots are the wedding fuel of champions! :)


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